Children of missing woman get Christmas surprise

December 27, 2013

More than six months after 28-year-old Caneyville resident Melvia Roarx suddenly vanished, the children of the missing woman were able to experience a brief moment of happiness amidst their wishes of having their mother home for the holidays.

Roarx’ three oldest children, Todd, 11, Jason, 9, and Sandy, 6, visited the Grayson County Sheriff’s Office on Monday, Dec. 23, 2013 not realizing that they would be receiving a very big surprise.

The GCSO staff and their families had taken up a collection to purchase Christmas gifts for the children, who still have no idea what happened to their mother in June of this year.

“We appreciate this so much,” said Ricky Duke, Roarx’ father.

Duke and his wife, Linda, have custody of the three children, while Roarx’ one-year-old daughter, Bella, is living with her father awaiting closure in Roarx’ disappearance.

According to GCSO officers, who have been tirelessly investigating the missing person case since June 5, it had been weighing heavily on all their hearts to know that Christmas would likely come and go without any word on where she was or if she is even still alive.

Approximately two weeks before Christmas, the group decided to spread a bit of holiday cheer by providing three big bags filled with clothing, new coats and toys for the children.

While the excitement was palpable as Sandy, Jason and Todd opened their gifts and their grandparents looked on, Duke said, “It’s been too long now. They just want their mom to come home.”

Over the past six months, the GCSO has conducted numerous interviews and large-scale searches that have yet to turn up any leads as to what might have happened to Roarx when she left her children with her mother on June 4 and went to a nearby convenience store, but never made it home.

Sheriff Rick Clemons said that he and his officers are continuing to look into all leads related to the case and encourage anyone who may have any information regarding Roarx and her dissappearance to contact the Sheriff’s Department at (270) 259-3024 or the anonymous tip line at (270) 200-2222.

“We hope that someone who knows something will see how much these children need their mother back and how much this family needs closure and come forward with information,” Clemons said.