Aquatic center opening moved to July

Matt Lasley Reporter

November 1, 2013

A delay in state approval has pushed back the opening of the Leitchfield aquatic center to July 1, 2014.

Tommy Gumm, Founder and CEO of the Alliance Corporation of Builders and Managers, attended a special-called Leitchfield Tourism Commission meeting on Wednesday, October 30, to update on the aquatic center’s progress.

Gumm reported that the delay in receiving state approval for the aquatic center’s pool design from Jan Brown, Program Administrator for Kentucky Swimming Pools and Bathing Facilities Engineers, would force the pool opening to be moved to July of 2014, pending immediate state approval.

The new opening date will allow the aquatic center to be open for five full weeks and nine weekends, according to Lea King, the Business Development and Public Relations Officer for the Alliance Corporation.

Following the meeting, Johnson said the pool design had officially received verbal approval from the state on Wednesday afternoon, and construction would begin on Monday, November 4, thereby putting the project on schedule to open on July 1.

The opening of the aquatic center was originally scheduled for May 14, 2014.

During the meeting, Gumm also reported to the Commission that two change orders, reflecting additional costs to the aquatic center project, needed approval to move forward with construction.

The first change order totaled $61,508.92, which will cover the cost of additional piping and drains for the project that were requested by the state.

The second order, with a guaranteed maximum price of $116,025.57, reflected potential, anticipated costs by the contractor due to the 60-day delay in starting work on the pool because of the state permit.

The estimated costs will reportedly come into play only if necessary to accommodate work in winter elements.

Representatives from the Alliance Corporation and Murphy + Graves Architects, the architectural firm that designed the aquatic center, both agreed that they would have no additional fees for the change orders.

The Commission passed a motion to approve the change orders as presented.

The funding for the additional costs will come from the aquatic center’s $150,000 contingency fund, and additional funds can come from the project’s general account, if necessary.

Also, to help fund these costs, the addition of a second slide for the aquatic center has been put on hold, said Leitchfield Tourism Director Ilsa Johnson.

In addition, Tim Murphy, of Murphy + Graves Architects, gave a recommendation for brick colors for the aquatic center project, and the Commission accepted Murphy’s recommendation.