County employees fired over improper relations with inmate

Brittany Wise Reporter

October 29, 2013

Two employees from Grayson County Attorney Clay Ratley’s office have been fired over inappropriate contact with a work-release inmate from the Grayson County Detention Center.

According to records released from Ratley’s office, Tonya Sapp Williams’ and Lisa Raymer Woosley’s employment was terminated on Thursday, October 17, just one day after GCDC Deputy Cindy Lively uncovered evidence that Williams was romantically involved with inmate David J. Pike.

A sexual offense allegation report from the GCDC indicates that Lively “recovered a romantic letter written to [Pike].” The letter was mailed from a local address, which authorities traced the address back to Woosley, an employee of the County Attorney’s office where Pike and another inmate “had been assembling furniture… for a remodel.”

Chief Deputy Jason Woosley was immediately notified and Pike was moved from the GCDC annex to the main facility and an investigation was initiated.

GCDC documents revealed that five separate phone calls were made from the jail to Williams’ phone between Oct. 10 and Oct. 16.

“Upon listening to the recorded calls… it was determined that inmate Pike had called [Williams] to discuss a developing romantic relationship,” the documents read. “The conversations included a discussion of how the pair might manipulate staff at the annex to continue their relationship after the remodel was complete.”

Phone recordings indicated that Pike and Williams “shared some type of intimate contact on at least one occasion in the basement of the building that houses the county attorney’s office and that Sapp’s co-worker, [Lisa Woosley] was aware of the relationship in detail.”

During an internal investigation at the detention center, Pike told officials that the only intimate contact between himself and Williams “was a kiss and hug.” He also revealed to investigators that he “initiated the contact with his work supervisor Tonya Sapp and she then became a willing participant.”

Chief Deputy Woosley said that once Pike’s original assignment at the county attorney’s office was completed, a request was made for the work-release inmate to return to the office for additional duties. At the time, Ratley was out of the office, and other office staff made the request for Pike’s placement.

Ratley was notified of the GCDC’s discoveries. Kentucky State Police Post 4 was also notified and Trooper Ryan Johnson was assigned to investigate the incident.

Johnson said on Monday that the investigation was still ongoing and he could not yet comment on whether criminal charges would be brought against Williams or Lisa Woosley.