Pear Street meth lab results in arrest

Brittany Wise Reporter

October 25, 2013

The Grayson County Sheriff’s Department cleaned up a meth lab in a Pear Street apartment Wednesday evening, which resulted in one arrest and one citation.

Deputies arrived at an apartment located at 507 Pear Street to serve an outstanding warrant for 47-year-old William Schroerlucke, when officers discovered what appeared to be methamphetamine components, according to Sheriff Rick Clemons.

After obtaining a search warrant for the residence, Clemons, along with Detective Jeff Kelsey and Deputies Brian Starnes, Bryan Hammons and Buck Meredith, discovered several old meth lab components as well as an active lab located inside a bathroom cabinet in the home.

Schroerlucke was arrested on an outstanding warrant and his wife, Anita Shroerlucke, was cited to court for disorderly conduct.

Clemons said of the department’s war on methamphetamine, “We are committed to keeping our county as safe as we possibly can. Our goal is to protect citizens of this county and give our kids a safe place to grow up without the dangers caused by illegal drugs.”