TLRMC starts new emergency initiative

Matt Lasley Reporter

October 11, 2013

Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center recently implemented a new online system called FastCommand to improve communication with the public during emergencies.

In emergency situations, the TLRMC incident command team will implement the FastCommand system, which will be accessible through the hospital’s website, www.tlrmc.com.

FastCommand will replace the typical TLRMC webpage to provide “real-time information and the status of the hospital during an emergency situation,” said Carey Sims, Director of Plant Operations at TLRMC.

“All the public, other emergency responders, and the media need to remember is to go to the TLRMC website,” Sims said. “The system automatically redirects to the emergency information.”

In addition, because the FastCommand system relies on internet communications, it will continue to provide information without interruption in the event of power or phone loss, according to TLRMC.

For hospital employees, an internal communications portion of FastCommand will also be available to update resources and needs within the hospital.

FastCommand will remain available in non-emergency situations, as well.

Visitors to tlrmc.com can view FastCommand at any time by clicking the Emergency Site link at the top right of any webpage or the FastCommand logo at the bottom right of any webpage or by visiting tlrmc.fastcommand.com.

The TLRMC FastCommand system will be put to the test starting at 10:15 a.m. on Thursday, October 17 when the hospital participates in the “Great Central U.S. ShakeOut” earthquake drill, according to TLRMC Director of Planning and Marketing Bill Oldham.

Local fire and police departments, as well as Grayson County Emergency Medical Services will also participate in the earthquake drill, according to TLRMC.

The public is encouraged to visit the TLRMC webpage to watch real-time updates from the hospital during the Oct. 17 drill, Oldham said.