A Word from the Wise…

Sometimes the worst decisions turn into the best stories. I made one of those decisions last week.As the sun sunk low over the Green River, we three kayakers were scanning the banks for places to set up camp.Exhausted from 20 miles of paddling in the blazing sun, we searched for a spot where we could comfortably and conveniently put up for the night, and turned down the first few potential campsites in hopes of finding a better one around the next bend of the river....

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The Welcome Matt

I love walking through the local indoor flea markets on a lazy Sunday afternoon.If you’re a collector like I am, these places can be treasure troves. I feel like an adventurer making my way through mazes of booths, littered with old clothes, books, VHS tapes (remember those?), and other assorted antiques. I feel a sense of pride when I’m able to rescue a literary classic from among the dozens of shelves of orphaned books.But as much as I love to wander, if yo...

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Riggs to push crowdfunding bill, boosting job growth, investment in KY

With the goal of making it easier for Kentuckians to invest in new or growing businesses across the state, State Representative Steve Riggs said, on Monday, Aug. 25, that he will file legislation that would bring crowdfunding to the commonwealth.“This form of investment, which enables entrepreneurs to tap into a pool of hundreds if not thousands of investors, has really taken off in the last couple of years,” said Riggs, of Louisville. “Kickstarter is the most wid...

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A strong Fort Knox equals a stronger Army

The recent developments worldwide are a reminder why our nation needs a strong national defense. Fort Knox is key to our military’s future. Unfortunately, this Administration has taken actions that reduce our military advantage when we should be doing all that we can to keep our advantage strong.

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Coming to a close

The first column I ever wrote said that I’m exploring my options. I can’t help but be truthful and say that I still am. But, as my internship at The Grayson County News-Gazette comes to a close, I think that my exploration is getting easier. I’ve successfully explored a career that remains an open - and now, with experience under my belt - major possibility for me.The reason why people recommend college students take internships is to build up their resum...

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Time to Stand United

The last time the United States considered a drawdown of military forces and infrastructure, the entire Heartland region of Kentucky dodged a bullet. We looked down the barrel of the Base Realignment and Closure and realized that Fort Knox represents a significant impact to our regional economy—not to mention an ongoing contributor of energy and vitality in the form of soldiers and civilian employees and their families. We also determined to advocate on behalf of Fort Knox. When I first...

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The Welcome Matt

I love walking through the local indoor flea markets on...

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A Word from the Wise…

Sometimes the worst decisions turn into the best...

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

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