(BPT) - Updating or replacing an old, damaged or inefficient air conditioning system doesn't have to mean purchasing all new components inside and outside your home. Installing a Guardian(R) GAW Air Conditioner offers a cost-effective alternative to complete system replacement. Less expensive to install than a full indoor and outdoor system, these air conditioners are compatible with many existing indoor units. And the advantages of a Guardian(R) GAW Air Conditioner don't stop there. The versatile units, which can be used in single homes or multi-family buildings, meet industry standards and are backed by industry-leading warranties. Additionally, Guardian(R) is offering a $100 rebate to homeowners living in areas impacted by recent hurricanes. Read the infographic that follows and visit www.guardianhomecomfort.com/GAW to learn why Guardian(R) GAW Air Conditioners are the right choice for updating your home's cooling system.