Grayson County Schools takes home the trophy for the first ever Battle of the Corporate Cup.

Grayson County Schools takes home the trophy for the first ever Battle of the Corporate Cup.

Plastikon and Grayson County Schools battled it out Saturday to see who could score the most points and go home with the corporate cup.

For the first year, only two teams signed up to participate and each had a ten person team with two alternates.

According to Tammee Saltsman, Grayson County Schools scored 177 points to Plastikon's 139 points, making the schools the 2018 winner of the corporate cup.

The competition was held on the ECTC Leitchfield Campus and was sponsored by PT Pros.

Teams competed in different events to earn points. These events included 2x4 Cross Country, where three team members stood on two 2x4s and held on to ropes in order to walk the boards to the finish line; Cornhole Toss, where two members of each team were given three minutes to score as many points as they could; Potato Sack Relay where two members of each team stood opposite of each other and one member raced to the other before the other could go; Three-legged Race, where one male and one female team member had one of their legs tied to the other person and they had to race the opposing team; Dizzy Izzy Relay, where four members of each team place their foreheads on a baseball bat positioned upright and circled the bat three times before running ten yards and back to tag the next team member; Hula Hoop Relay where all 10 members of each team joined hands and had to slide each of their bodies through the hula hoop; and Tug-a-war, where all 10 team members lined up on opposite sides of a mud puddle and tried to pull the other team into the puddle. In addition to the physical activities, there was a trivia event.

"It went quite well and everyone had a great time. It was very competitive and both teams had great teamwork," said Saltsman.

Teams also designed their own t-shirts for the competition, with the winning shirt design earning points for the team. additionally, teams were given an opportunity to raise money for points. The money raised goes toward the new playground at James D. Beville Park.

For any of the participants or volunteers with children ages 4-12, a kidzone was available for children to make crafts and participate in their own competitive activities.

Both of these teams, as well as several other businesses are excited about the competition next year. Saltsman plans to have the event in September instead of October in hopes of milder weather.

"I want this to be an annual event that brings the community together," said Saltsman.

According to Saltsman, if a business would like to participate, but don't have enough employees, they will be able to include their immediate family members to complete the team.

Grayson County Schools is currently passing the trophy around to all of the public schools in the county to show the students what teamwork can do. Next year, they will bring the trophy back to the competition, where they may be able to win it for another year.