Photo courtesy of Anya Turpin Outgoing Grayson County Tourism Executive Director Anya Turpin, middle, poses for a photo in her Halloween costume with her husband, Corey, left, and son, Jack.

Photo courtesy of Anya Turpin

Outgoing Grayson County Tourism Executive Director Anya Turpin, middle, poses for a photo in her Halloween costume with her husband, Corey, left, and son, Jack.

Grayson County Tourism Executive Director Anya Turpin has announced that she will soon resign from her position to move to Georgia with her family.

A literal and figurative trailblazer, since taking over her position in 2016, Turpin has set to work promoting and improving Grayson County's tourist attractions.

Turpin said that being selected as director of county tourism, as someone not originally from the community, was an honor, and she will take the lessons she has learned about the importance of being an involved and informed community member wherever she goes moving forward.

"No matter where I live in the future, I want to make sure I am involved," Turpin said.

While her last day in her position has not yet been set, Turpin said she will be leaving sometime in December. The Grayson County Tourism Commission will accept resumes for her replacement through Nov. 16, and, Turpin said, she hopes to be able to work with her replacement for an extended period of time before her tenure as Grayson County Tourism Executive Director comes to an end.

"I'm really excited about whoever is chosen to replace me," she said. "There are a lot of really good people in the community (to choose from)."

Turpin's claim to fame is, arguably, the trail system she has helped pave in Grayson County, the focal point of which is the Taylor Fork Trail. However, despite her overseeing the project for the past two years, she is hesitant to take credit for it, calling it more of a grassroots effort that became a success thanks to the numerous volunteers who helped make it possible.

The project's future has been called into question by some following Turpin's announcement that she is leaving, but she said she has "no doubt it will continue."

The Public Trails Association of Grayson County will hold a meeting next Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 9 a.m. at the Centre on Main, and anyone interested in the trails is invited to attend.

"I will do everything in my power to ensure it keeps going in my absence," Turpin said of the trails project.

She has also spoken with individuals about overseeing her other notable projects, such as the annual Treats on the Trail and Think Pink 5K.

Turpin is grateful for the support she has received during her time as county tourism executive director, especially from her colleagues at the Centre on Main, whom she wishes to thank, as well as the Grayson County Tourism Commissioners and community leaders.

One of her colleagues, Grayson County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director April Spalding, said Turpin will be missed, not only for her passion about her job, but also for her efforts to unite the Grayson County community.

"Anya has made tremendous strides for Grayson County," said Spalding. "She has brought events into the county like Treats on the Trails, continued and made the Think Pink 5K bigger each year, the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day, and of course the Taylor Fork Trail. She has not only brought the community together but has given families experiences and memories to share with one another. She will be greatly missed not only professionally but personally as well."

The Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Turpin for her efforts over the past two years by presenting her with the 2018 Chamber of Commerce Spark Plug Award during the annual Chamber membership dinner, held in September.

Inspired by the growth Grayson County has seen over the past two years, Turpin said she looks forward to returning to Grayson County in the coming years to see this growth continue.

"The wheels are turning, and I don't see those stopping anytime soon," she said.

Anyone interested in submitting a resume for the position of Grayson County Tourism Executive Director or learning more about the job is encouraged to call the Centre on Main at 270-259-5587 or go to